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AL-TECH CENTRIFUGES offers you ALFA LAVAL MIB 303 Separation System designed for Centrifugal Separation of Sludge and water from Mineral Oil.


The MIB 303 is Cleaning System for distillate and Marine Diesel Oil Should be Operated as Purifier. For Cleaning of lubricating oil MIB 303 Purifier or Clarifier Can be used.

Features :

No Lock Ring. Requires only Small mechanical force for Opening/Assembling of Bowl
New design allows the bowl wall to be taken out and cleaned with disc stack still in place.
New light weight material in bowl and discs.
Direct drive with motor speed controlled by frequency converter eliminates gears or belts.
Requires No lubrication
Throughput Capacity:

760 Litres Per Hour ( Marine Diesel Oil)
460 Litres Per Hour ( Steam/Turbine/Lube Oil)

ALFA LAVA MIB 303 is mobile High speed solids retaining centrifugal separator for diesel fuel purification on marine small boats, yachts, boats, tugboats and power plants.

Turbine and diesel engine suppliers recommend centrifuges and related equipment to reduce harmful contaminants such as fine particulates, water, iron, sodium, potassium, calcium and magnesium from fuel oil, crude oil, crude blends, No. 2 distillates such as diesel and petroleum naphtha.

Easy to Install, Operate and Maintain. No Special training Required.
Small Dimensions Allow Installations In Narrow Spaces
Removals Of Soild Impurities Extend Intervals between Filter Replacements, Which saves filter costs and reduces Filter Disposal Handling.

Successfully used over many years for separating water and particulate contamination in fuel oil, turbine lube oils, other lubricating oils, running -in, hydraulic, cutting,quench oils, diesel powered yachts, pleasure boats, small cruise ships, small boats, tugs, barges and fishing vessels.