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We offer you Reconditioned Alfa Laval centrifuge for Marine diesel oil, Biodiesel, Lubricating oil, Distillate, Hydraulic oil, Removes Water & Sludge Liq-Liq-solid purifier, Vertical Disc type, 15Kw electric motor. Heavy Duty. Good for Waste oil, Furnace oil, biodiesel etc.

MOPX series is Second generation of auto desludge / discharge centrifuge with a better bowl geometry & improved metallurgy of various bowl components and designed as total desludge. – capable to handle medium level of solid contamination. Application in LO, Diesel, HFO & industrial fluids.

Alfa Laval MOPX 205
Alfa Laval MOPX 207
Alfa Laval MOPX 209
Alfa Laval MOPX 210
Alfa Laval MOPX 213
Alfa Laval MOPX 309
Alfa Laval MOPX 310

Applications : Our recondition centrifuge is widely used for industries and marine applications. We have satisfied our customers in industries like turbine oils, lubricating oils, virgin coconut oil, Hydraulic oil, biodiesel oil, diesel oil, lube oil, turbine oil.

Our Reconditioning :

  • Complete Overhauling of Centrifuge.
  • Cleaning.
  • Replacement of worn out Spares with New Spares.
  • Zinc Coating, Teflon Coating of Metal parts.
  • Compulsory replacement of Bearing, O-ring and Packaging and Shaft.
  • Assembling.
  • Painting Body of Centrifuge and frame with Anti-Corrosion paints.
  • Practical Batch Testing of Centrifuge.

Delivery & Freight :

  • Completely Recondition Unit is delivered with Electric panel, Set of Tools and Gravity disc, Set of O-ring, Anti Vibration Mountings.
  • With best track with freight forwarding company we can deliver Recondition Centrifuge to any parts of world at best comparative rates.

Trial Facility :

  • Practical trial facility of Machine with your material is available at our Site. Material is to be Supplied by the Customer which Is to be purified.
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