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Alfa Laval Industrial and Marine solids ejecting high-speed disc centrifuge.
Rated capacity on glycerin removal from biodiesel is 50 gpm.

Completely reconditioned and can be balanced as per clients request. For Sale : Alfa Laval MOPX 209/MOPX 309

Frame and covers, internal and external have been restored to excellent condition.Both heavy and light phase discharge under pressure.Teflon coated, internal brass parts electrolysis nickel for protection.Includes water harness, bowl insertion & removal tools, manual.

Optional Alfa Lava EPC-41 Digital Control Panel and Solenoid Valve Block.

Machine Application
This disc stack centrifuge is designed for purification or clarification of fuel oils, engine oils, lubricating oils, and various mineral oils used on board marine installations and in industrial applications.

We recondition machine and replace the following parts with New / Unused parts, such as...

  1. Bowl Spindle.
  2. Worm Wheel Shaft.
  3. Worm & Worm wheel.
  4. Bearing Housing.
  5. Bottom Bush.
  6. All Seal Rings, Gaskets, Springs, Bearings.

Machine is painted as per OEM norms with Epoxy paint.
The fluid typically separates into a heavy phase (water) and a light phase (oil). The 2 liquid phases exit the centrifuge through separate liquid discharge connections.

Any residual solids are separated and removed manually from manual clean units.

Machine Application:

  1. Reconditioned Alfa Laval oil purifier, separators, industrial centrifuge for removing water and solid sludge from various contaminated oils.
  2. Electric motor 3 phase 380/50Hz, 440 /60 Hz .

All Parts Carry A Warranty Of 180 Days. Replacement At Our Cost.Sourcing agent and consultants for all type of Biodiesel,lube oils, Transformer oils & WVO centrifuges of Alfa Laval, Mitsubishi, Westfalia.